Theodosius II
Justinianos I
Mehmet II

Mehmet II


‘’Constantinope is surely going to be conqured one day oh what a commander he would be, and what a might army it’s going to be.”
In one of the sayings of Mohammed, the prophet, it is beleived to have been mentioned that: ‘’The members of the army fighting in front of the walls of this city, will keep on recalling the name of the creator-god-Allah!”

Combination of the above three designs make up the ‘’Reed-way” ‘’Saz Yolu” design in detail. Early examples of above mentioned designs are also used by the Uigur tribal Turks in Central Asia especially by their wall-paintines and go as far back as 8-9 Century. The silver-coronet bears the insignia of the Conqueror called ‘’Tuğra”.

Tuğra is originating from Uigur-Turkish, tugru means correct in this language. Knitting-needle seen alongside the outer borders, happen to be a favourable design especially in caligraphy. Knitting-needle fills up the empty section on the exteriors and is used as a step before the heavily designed part, acting as a balancing agent of transition from scarcely decorated region to heavily decorated parts.

The design we have dedicated to the conqueror has got this combined design of two different origins, used repeatedly, following one another alone the border.

Desing by Selim Sağlam