Theodosius II
Justinianos I
Mehmet II

Justinianos I

The very peak period of Konstantinopolis, as the capital of the Empire was during the rule of Justinianos. He is also the one who has rebuilt the heavily damaged city, following the ‘’Nika Revolt”. He has also rebuilt the Sewate Building, all the buildings by the open market, the grand Imperial Palace and the Zeuksippos Public Bath.

One can compare him with the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman I, the magnificent. Another common thing between the two rulers were their private-lives. Both had two important females, playing major roles in their lives Empress Theodora and Hürrem Sultan.

Up on the right and left hand circles pictures of the emperor and the empress to be seen, highly influenced by the mosaics in St. Vitale Chuch in Ravenna (546 A. D.)Northern Italy.

The design we have dedicated to Emperor Justinian, you see his fabulous work ‘’St. Sophia” on the foreground.

Desing by Nilüfer Kurfeyz