Theodosius II
Justinianos I
Mehmet II


Founder of the new Capital of Roman Empire Emperor Constantinus screamed during the festivities of declaring Constantinople as the new capital back in May 11/330 A. D., was the beginning of a new era. He said ‘’Single Rome, Single God and Single Emperor”.

Constantinus in the first place thought of rebuilding the new capital in Troy. Having dreamt of Lord one night he has changed his mind, and started to build Constantinople with the recommendation of Lord.

The design we have dedicated to Constantinus is the famous ‘’Hooped Column”, and in this case, it has been pictured with straight-forward lines, symbolically. Within theinner and exterior borders, peak motifs of the Byzantine Art, geometric motifs are visible.

Constantinus beleived, godly powers has shown him the favourable place to build his capital, and’’eagle” became the coat of arms of Byzantine Empire ever since.

Used widely in Asia-Minor by Selchukian artists the motifs called ‘’Münhani” ‘’Curve and/or Arch” build a bridge between past and present.

Desing by Nilüfer Kurfeyz