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Mehmet II

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk


If Sultan Mehmet II. was the conqueror, Atatürk is the liberator of the city.
Atatürk first came to Istanbul back in March 13, 1899, as a boarding school candidate to officers high school. During his school years, he has visited different districts of the town and familiarized himself with the town. Appointed as a young officer to his new post in 1905 to Syria, he has returned to capital Istanbul as a staff-officer in April 1909. Following the final days of World War I, the armed forces of the Ottoman Empire were discharged with the orders of the Agreement Forces. Istanbul was occupied by their forces as Atatürk arrived in Istanbul, November 13, 1918. His aid was so upset and couldn’t help crying, witnessing the sad situation. He turned to his aid and said:” They will go exactly the same way as they came” was his historical remark towards occupation forces.

The design we have dedicated to Atatürk is being influenced by the decoration of Dolmabahçe Palace where he died in November 1938. The fountain pictured on top middle section is the famous fountain of the palace with a pool attached. Vases pictured in the circular spots are unique historic vases of the palace, each being single production rare pieces of their times.

Fountain of Swans

Atatürk has always given his personal attention to museums, even before the republic was announced, he’s given orders to build a museum displaying.

Designed by ; Selim Sağlam